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The list of the 10 most exported products by Brazil this year

Between January and July 2020, Brazil exported a total of US $ 120.8 billion.

  1. Soy: 20% participation – US $ 23.8 billion
  2. Oil: 10% stake – $ 12.2 billion
  3. Iron ore: 9.8% share – US $ 11.8 billion
  4. Sugar and molasses: 3.5% share – US $ 4.2 billion
  5. Beef: 3.4% share – $ 4.2 billion
  6. Soybean meal: 3.1% share – US $ 3.7 billion
  7. Pulp: 3% participation – US $ US $ 3.6 billion
  8. Poultry meat: 2.8% share – US $ 3.3 billion
  9. Fuel oils: 2.7% share – US $ 3.3 billion
  10. Other products – Manufacturing industry: 2.6% share – US $ 3.2 billion

The list of the 5 countries that most imported Brazilian products this year is:

1. China

34.1% participation – US $ 41.3 billion

2. United States

9.73% participation – US $ 11.8 billion

3. Netherlands

3.96% participation – US $ 4.8 billion

4. Argentina

3.64% participation – US $ 4.4 billion

5. Spain

2.1% share – $ 2.5 billion


TBecause of the outbreak that hit the world and the horizontal Lock down imposed by the local governments of states and municipalities., The economy was hit hard. Despite the measures and money released by the Federal Government, we had a significant reduction in GDP.

The resumption of the market has already started and is being felt in Brazil, driven by the Rate Of Exchange that favors exports and, not having a negative impact on imports, take into account that ships are leaving Brazilian ports without space. On the other hand, Comercio Internacional requires buyers and sellers across borders and, currently, the fall in the economy is global, felt by all countries.

Luckily, the economic crisis hit the supply and not so much the demand, in this line it is presumed to believe that the resumption is possible on the “V” curve, much faster than the “U” curve as expected. I refer to the resumption in Brazil.


Economy Minister Paulo Guedes said today that he has the perspective that the fall of the Brazilian economy this year will be less than expected.

The minister said that the latest data shows the resumption of activity, and this movement is coming even faster than he anticipated.

Officially, the Ministry of Economy’s projection is for GDP to shrink by 4.7% in 2020.